Sample Works

Critic vs. me

I hear you every time my quill slips   simple typos overlooked by a racing mind   Many degrees under my belt yet my intelligence is questioned

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Cancelled Culture

Fascist Hooks Cancels culture Telegraphic Speech Carefully Scripted From a Wuhan’s Lab Hollywood Script must get a nod from the mouth that bank

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Taco Tuesday Deplorables!

Here is a Haiku, I just wrote.  My advertising company wanted me to create one for the the deplorable facebook page.  Tell me what you think.  

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  Happy Sunday Deplorables! Another week has ended and a new one has began.  Wanted to share another one of my 5 minute poems.  I was reflecting

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Writing on the Fly

Deplorables, today I will share with you as to how I write.  This poem is being written within 5 minutes of when it was started. Most of my poems

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Waiting For Orders

I have come to realize That I Have been Waiting For orders Since 1994 In the Fox hole Of my soul My current Grid ” Lima Lima  Mike Foxtrot

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